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  • Hello..

    I’m not 100% sure what you are asking… but, from what I do understand, it sounds like.. yes, it can be done.

    Are you saying that:

    a) you want to assign a post to a category
    b) display content *below* that post, depending on the category?

    If so… here would be my approach:

    1) Create an Options Page
    2) Add a Repeater Field to the Options Page (call it something like: category-content)
    3) Add 2 Sub-Fields to the Repeater, one to choose the Category, one to add the content (a WYSIWYG fields perhaps, or a Textarea)
    4) Then… in a custom function, you can leverage the WordPress filter: the_content to append the content to a post, depending on the category

    I realize that doesn’t tell you *how* to do it precisely, but if I am correct in what you want… hopefully you have a game plan now where you can dig in and figure it all out.

    It’s all doable with ACF and a little PHP code.

    Hope that helps!