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  • Thanks for your post and considerations.
    To bypass the vaidation is easy, with acf_reset_validation_errors(); (see example in The tricky thing for me now is to submit the form two times: one time with bypassing validation for saving the post-edit and the second time showing the validation. I try to figure this out with an automatic javascript submit after the reload of a first submit. But mabe it gets complicated, since I’m not too experienced. I’ll have a closer look at your idea too, creating my own validation with acf_add_validation_errro();. I’ll post what my solution will be, but need some time.
    An other idea is to install an automatic submit as draft say every minute with javascript setInterval. Then I’d need to find a way to submit without reloading the page.
    If anyone has more hints how to go, I’ll appreciate it. Greetings.