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  • If I were to delete the acf-field-group and acf-field post types from the DB (not even sure how to do this yet) would that essentially remove all records referencing ACF from my database? I looking to do this because I have cloned and recycled my website multiple times and now have a huge amount of records in the DB that are no longer necessary or applicable. I want to reduce the size of my database and delete all records for fields that no longer exist or are not being used. I am willing to delete my entire ACF and rebuild it with the current fields I need to use.

    “In ACF 5, there are two post types “acf-field-group” and “acf-field”. the acf-field post type are child posts of the acf-field-group post type. First you need to find the parent group ID and then search for acf-field posts with that parent id. The group and field information are both saved in the post table post_content column as serialized arrays, again, be careful editing this.”