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  • Hi,

    Please advise.

    We are on ACF free version 4.4.12. Our website’s front page is entirely generated by ACF fields (get_field etc) — the client (a non IT person) wanted to be able to edit the home page by herself when website launched.

    The website was launched recently, and already we have faced issues twice.

    What happened:

    1. I enabled CloudFlare, but home (front-end) was not appearing properly, I disabled CF. But then ACF field group stopped showing in the back-end, and disappeared from the front-end as well — only header and footer of home page was loading. The SiteGround staff were able to fix the issue after two days of back and forth.
    2. Today, the client updated the home page (changed and image, text), and although ACF field group was loading fine in back-end, the ACF fields disappeared from the home page — again, just header and footer appearing.
    3. This time SiteGround were not able to help — restoring an old backup made no sense. I discovered this and it pointed me in the direction to solve the problem.

      I was able to solve the issue by disabling Memcached in cPanel and renaming the home page slug, clearing cache — did multiple things.

      For now, the website is fine. But I need to make sure this does not happen a third time 🙁

      Can you guys please advise anything? What change I need to make.

      I’m under fire.