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  • So this isn’t a full solution, but it at least allowed me to get the images from the custom image fields to display. Still seems to be a problem with YARPP but this seems to get by the problem at least for images.

    I noticed like you said that the image field was returning the ID of the image even though in my case I have it set to return the image URL to be used as a background image.

    I just fed that image ID into wp_get_attachement_url() and was able to use that url to display the image.

    <?php $imageId = get_field('post_featured_image');
    $imageUrl = wp_get_attachment_url($imageId); ?>
    	<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">
    		<div class="relatedsingle" style="background-image: url('<?php echo $imageUrl; ?>');">
    			<div class="singleoverlaygreen"></div>
    			<h4><?php the_title(); ?></h4>

    This is obviously only to get the image url for a simple application like mine, but my guess is that you could use wp_get_attachment_metadata() instead of wp_get_attachment_url() to fetch anything from the image array that you would otherwise gotten from the ACF field.