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  • Welcome to the forum. This forum works on BBPress, honestly I don’t know if it offers the features you refer to or not, I don’t think it does. Although, I’m not very familiar with it nor am I the admin on this site.

    1) I’m here every day and if there are any spam topics I generally see them and remove them. There is only one “Admin” and that’s the developer of ACF.

    2) I’m pretty sure this feature is not available in BBPress, but I’m not sure.

    As you might expect, the developer is busy working on the plugin most of the time and he does not take a lot of time out to answer questions or manage this forum. With the number of topics started daily, if he did, well he wouldn’t have time for working on the plugin.

    There are a couple of us that work in the very limited capacity to watch over this forum and do our best to not let questions go unanswered for too long if we’re capable of answering them. Sometimes the questions are just beyond our ability to help. This forum is really a users helping users forum and we really do depend on other users jumping in when they have experience enough to help.