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  • I can see how the tabs toggle to active with the class “active” added to the <li>.

    I also see that clicking the tabs toggle visibility on items in the tabs by adding or removing the “hidden-by-tab” class.

    So far, so good. What I don’t see right away is how ACF identifies which fields are associated with a given tab. So I can create the dropdown selector which would trigger the event and I could manually add the field names (e.g. acf-field-599a68e5b5919) or the data-name attribute (e.g. address_1).

    But how can I programmatically distinguish and select the divs for the different tabs?

    It’s a bit of a challenge to climb through the jQuery code, could you provide a sample of how the plugin does it, so I (and others with this challenge in the future) can have a roadmap to implementing such a solution? Happy to post my code when I get a final working version.