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  • What you are describing is a relationship field and not a repeater, unless the relationship is a sub field of a repeater.

    Not sure if any of this will help you or not.

    Your site is using ACF version 4.4.3 This is a guess based on this part of the error message input.js?ver=4.4.3 The free version of ACF is now at version 4.4.11

    Since you cannot see ACF listed in the plugins you are correct that it is either installed as part of another plugin or it is installed as part of your theme. There’s not an easy way to figure this out. You need to look in your theme folder and maybe in your plugins to see if and where ACF is included.

    What you can do from here basically depends on how the theme/plugin that it’s included in was built. Depending on that, which would be extremely difficult for anyone to say, you can try to update ACF manually or remove it from the theme and install it just like any other plugin. But like I said, there’s no way of telling and really no way of really explaining it. There are just too many variables. And updating ACF may cause other errors, again, depending on how the theme/plugin it’s included in was built.

    Most JS errors like the one you describe are caused by conflicts with other plugins. This conflict may or may not be resolved by updating ACF. You can determine what ACF might be conflicting with by disabling other plugins on the site to see which one causes the error to be corrected.

    I would start by creating a duplicate of the site in a testing environment so that I could work on the issue without effecting the live site simply because it’s impossible to know what you’ll need to do to correct the problem.