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  • John, thanks for your testing.

    I have checked my database and also checked if I have double field names (because I created the fields via PHP). No errors, no doubles.

    To be sure, I deleted all entries from the database belonging to my options page (no worries, I’m in a testing environment).

    After that, I added two new colors to my repeater and checked the database again. Everything is fine.

    But I was surprised when I tried to read and print the repeater field this way

        $test = get_field('MY_REPEATER', 'MY_OPTIONS_PAGE');
        echo "<pre>";
        echo "</pre>";

    I only get the number 2, the count of repeater rows.

    Then I create a repeater with fields in the backend (not via PHP) and tested this. And yes, it works!!!

    I exported this field groups to get the code and copy this into my functions.php to create the field groups via PHP to test if I make any mistakes on my first try.

    And that’s the next surprise: Now it does not work!!!

    With the above test I only get the number of the repeater rows and no array.

    So it must have to do anything with registering the field groups via PHP.