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  • first up, thanks for the response 🙂 … I’ll try around with it. As for “what im really looking for”, im trying to create an array that holds all data from every field within a page, be it normal or repeaterfields (or repeaterfields within repeaterfields etc.). So in the end the mentioned array should be full of either fieldobjects, that I could extract data from (“name”, “value”, “type” etc.), or little arrays that hold this data, like [“thefieldname”, “thefieldvalue”, “thefieldtype”].

    So Im kinda trying to fill a function like this:

    function getAllFields($pageID) {
    $everyFieldData = array();

    (push fields or [name,value,type] of every field/subfield in $everyFieldData)

    return ($everyFieldData);

    How would I possibly approach or fill a function like that?