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  • You could be right. And I apologize if I was getting at all snarky. It wasn’t my intent. The status thing at the top said “Not Read”, so that’s what I was going by.

    I’ve looked through both of those links before posting here. Perhaps the issue is simply that the map itself isn’t appearing? I’ve got markers being generated. At the *very* bottom of the first link you provide it says to trigger the resize event using the following code:

    // popup is shown and map is not visible
    google.maps.event.trigger(map, 'resize');

    But doesn’t explain where to put the code. Does it go in functions or does it go in the map.js file? And where in either one. I tried putting it at the end of the .js file, and it broke things. Do you have any ideas what they mean by that?

    And I do truly appreciate the user help provided here. SO much. I apologize again if I sounded at all ungrateful.