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  • I cloned completely Post Type generator from
    Something as my own helper and for my own use, not public. Those guys have very educative website and generators.

    77 ACF fields just for this part.
    Layout can be done much simpler then on their webiste, but decided for now not to use one row flexible content or repeaters. Maybe later when I get use to all this. Those two fields make preview template very long and complicate to visually follow, edit, add.

    And one custom code Metabox to preview template. Just called preview template with “require_once”, can be placed everywhere. Best solution, because it is set it ad forget it. Any code change in preview template is directly reflected in preview Metabox.

    It can be done easy, just need much time. I finished it for one day. Others will probably take much less time. I can reuse and adapt preview code template.

    Not “insert in editor content area” option, but not needed for this project.