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  • Hello,

    Just letting you know, I also tried this code, which I took from the acf website:

      'post_id'  => 'new_post',
      'post_title' => true,
      'post_content' => true,
      'new_post'  => array(
       'post_type'  => 'hufter',
       'post_author' => 9,
       'post_status' => 'publish'
      'return'  => home_url('contact-form-thank-you'),
      'submit_value' => 'Send'

    (hufter is the post_type we use)

    But even that is sending me back to the page I already am on, when I am not logged in, and when I am logged in; it does save the post but it does not assign it to the user (even though that user is set as admin so he can publish)