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  • Well when that time comes @topy, create a post here, CC me into the post and I’ll help you through.

    That snippet of code I gave in my last post does exactly that – it checks if the current user who’s trying to edit the post, was the author of the post. If so, it’ll let them edit. If not, it’ll redirect to the home page.

    In terms of displaying the form on any page:

    $formoptions = array(
      'post_title'      => true, // show the post title?
      'post_content'    => false, // show a body content editor?
      'post_id'         => $new_post, // this post should be new? or editing?
      'field_groups'    => array(256), // ID of the field group i want to show here
      'submit_value'    => 'Publish', // submit button text
      'return'          => get_permalink(142), // redirect URL
      'uploader'        => 'wp' // what type of uploader to use

    It’s really quite simply and it’s all documented here.

    But more than that, these forums are here to help. So once you have your code almost there, come back and we can help you through the rest 🙂