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  • I don’t think that wp-optimize will remove meta values and options, at least I don’t get this from reading the description and features, so I don’t think that it will hurt to use it. Maybe I’m missing something. It appears to delete orphaned data that could possibly be left behind when a post or some other object is deleted but not all of the meta values for that object are deleted. Honestly, I’ve never seen this happen except by going into the database and deleting posts from there rather than doing so through the admin.

    Deleting content when an ACF field is deleted is easy, relatively. Please note that the use of this function cannot be undone and it will erase all traces of content for any ACF field that is deleted. Also, I don’t use prepare in this, some people will probably find issue with that. It could probably be done with the first query, but I don’t think it can be done with the second query. Anyway, the object here is to wholesale delete all of the content with the least number of queries possible.

    Please, please be sure that this is something that you want to do before implementing this and I would strongly suggest that this is only enabled during development and not on a live site. Should a client go into ACF for some reason and delete a field, there is nothing that you’d be able to do to recover form it.

      // this action is run by ACF whenever a field is deleted
      // and is called for every field in a field group when a field group is deleted
      add_action('acf/delete_field', 'delete_acf_content_on_delete_field');
      function delete_acf_content_on_delete_field($field) {
        // runs when acf deletes a field
        // find all occurences of the field key in all tables and delete them
        // and the custom field associated with them
        global $wpdb;
        // remove any tables from this array that you don't want to check
        $tables = array('options', 'postmeta', 'termmeta', 'usermeta', 'commentmeta');
        foreach ($tables as $table) {
          $key_field = 'meta_key';
          $value_field = 'meta_value';
          if ($table == 'options') {
            $key_field = 'option_name';
            $value_field = 'option_value';
          $table = $wpdb->{$table};
          // this query gets all key fields matching the acf key reference field
          $query = 'SELECT DISTINCT('.$key_field.')
                    FROM '.$table.'
                    WHERE '.$value_field.' = "'.$field['key'].'"';
          $results = $wpdb->get_col($query);
          if (!count($results)) {
            // no content found in this table
          // loop through keys and construct list of meta_key/option_names to delete
          $keys = array();
          foreach ($results as $key) {
            $keys[] = $key; // delete acf field key reference
            $keys[] = substr($key, 1); // delete acf field value
          // do escping of all values.... just in case
          $keys = $wpdb->_escape($keys);
          // delete all of the content
          $query = 'DELETE FROM '.$table.'
                    WHERE '.$key_field.' IN ("'.implode('","', $keys).'")';
        } // end foreach table