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  • Hi John / ericaeide

    Chances are that this wont get answered as its been 2 years since the initial post but you never know πŸ™‚

    Im having issue calling a repeater field with the above code can you have a quick look at what im doing and let me know where I have gone wrong?

    —-SET Up—-

    Created New Field Group called test list and attached it to a page using the rules

    The first item is called list items (field name list_items) this is set to repeater

    The next field in the repeater is called item and its just plain text (field name item)
    The next field in the repeater is called item image its just plain image upload (field name item_image)

    The short code im using to call this onto another page is as follows

    [acf field="list_items_0_item"]

    It calls on the list page but i cant seem to pull that list into another page by using that shortcode do I need to reference the page id?

    Should this be returning all the items I have entered?

    Thanks in advance for your help if you get this πŸ™‚