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  • Hi all,
    if you look at my try to achieve this:

    You see that ,expect some field that i didn’t found a way yet, can be made in 2 ways, one is as john say delete all the meta related to ACF on acf/save_post hook at high priority.
    The other a more difficcult way is to match the field in the database/json and then to delete the field that is not present anymore in the current saved data.
    I found a trick also to check if the field is a flexible field and delete the field.
    As far as i test works remember to backup db first.

    For now works on post and custom post type when i have time i want also to include a “Clean all ACF” tool that use this method, and i’m trying also to find a way to “clean” all the fields for taxonomy, user etc etc.

    Suggestions, ideas and pull requests are welcome.