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  • The problem is that gravity forms is not setting the field key reference for the field. Without this information in the database ACF does not know how to treat the data in the field. For “Basic” fields, this is not a problem because the data is just text. In the case of more advanced fields, like a select field that allows multiple selections, it is a problem. These select fields are stored as serialized arrays.

    Each field in ACF that is stored also has another meta value stored that relates to field name to the field key. For example, if you have a field named “my_field_name” there will be this meta key in the DB and there will be a meta key of “_my_field_name” with a value == the field key for the field.

    You need to talk to support at GF. First you need to make sure that GF is saving the value as a serialized array and second you need to find out from them what you need to do to insert the field key reference into the database.