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  • Good points John. It makes my head hurt just thinking about the variations that can exist with those complex fields and nesting. I’ve seen similar situations discussed involving a range of other features as well. It makes me wonder if there is some better system for handling nested field data to avoid the use of indexes in the meta key names… not sure if I’m describing that clearly enough but I’m referring to ‘flex_field_1_text’ where as you mentioned we often need to “figure out how many layouts the second post already has and then substitute the correct index”.

    I think the approach I might prefer (of course I understand I may not be thinking of all the requirements here) is to have nested field data assigned a unique id and then referenced by json. Essentially so that if you could access that main reference data, you would then be able to track down it’s rows.

    If I were to tackle something like this I this I’d try to utilize the loading and storage native to the ACF API as much as possible. Meaning first try to identify if the fields/types/groups are used for the given post. Don’t try to copy or get the data at that point, just organize the results of that test. Then use the get_field() and save_field(). It seems more likely that we could deal with the various complexities by loading the data with get_field(), but I think processing that before using save_field() would still be a massive undertaking.