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  • Mark, I’d be surprised to learn that Duplicate Post ( doesn’t copy the ACF field content, because it is meta data and I’d expect it to support any meta data attached? In my plugin QuizMaster (which uses ACF5 Pro for all fields) we wanted to provide a copy feature for quizzes and questions, which are both custom post types. I just looked over the class we adapted from a tutorial on copying posts, and although it never specifically handles ACF, it loops over all metadata and creates a perfect copy. Newly copied posts have all the same field settings as the original. Here is a gist of that class which is a helper in QuizMaster:

    I’d imagine ACF developers might take the view this is beyond the scope of ACF, because it’s more about posts/copying than it is about fields/data. I’d tend to agree with that, because I think if you’re building a plugin with CPT’s (or a site that uses CPT’s) you can make a class that handles copying, that gist is the full extent of our copy feature and it’s only 129-lines. If ACF provided that feature, it would have to include various options, because for instance we only want to apply the copy option to our own CPT’s, not to all the post types.