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  • All of these cases, where the ACF field groups do not show or for some reason the field groups do not change as expected probably have the same root cause.

    When the page loads ACF determines what fields to display, this is the case when you need to save a page to make the field groups appear as expected.

    After a page is loaded, immediately on some pages and also when something that should trigger ACF to update the field groups, ACF does an AJAX request to check on what field groups should be shown. If anything goes wrong with this request then what happens is nothing. This is what I suspect is causing all of your issues.

    First, check for JavaScript errors in console. If there are any, try to clear them up. Second, turn on debugging and logging and check your log to see if there are any PHP errors that could be causing the AJAX request to fail.

    You can also try deactivating other plugins and/or switching themes to help narrow down what could be causing the issues.