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  • I’m having trouble with a similar issue. What I want is for the editor on the WP backend to be able to pick a user, and have only their avatar show up on a certain part of the page. The user picker is inside of a repeater field. So like every other field I use the code <?php the_sub_field(‘expert_1’); ?> to display it in my page, with ‘expert_1’ being the field variable name of the user. However, of course, this gives me an array of data, not just the avatar, and the life of me I cannot figure out how to use the array. When I do gettype() on the_sub_field(‘expert_1’), I get NULL, when I feel like I should be getting array. I tried the_sub_field(‘expert_1’)[10] and that didn’t work. The little documentation out there on the user field hasn’t been helpful. Thanks for the help!