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  • WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro is now able to import all field types of ACF fields. But if you just want to import only the Text area fields of ACF, it can done on the Free version itself using a simple tweek.

    Yes, as John said ACF fields are standard WP Custom Fields for fields like Text and Text area and that’s help you to import Text and Text area of ACF fields through WP Ultimate CSV Importer Free.

    So already you have your Text area fields in your Fields Groups of ACF. Install WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Format your CSV with the name of your ACF fields as the column header and the value for them in each post of the custom post type.

    Now Import it into the WP Ultimate CSV Importer and Choose the custom post in the Import each record as field. Then in the Mapping section, go to WP Custom Fields Tab and Click Add custom fields. Add the custom fields in it with the same name as the ACF fields and map the required CSV header and then proceed with the import.

    This will import the data to the required Text and Text Area fields of ACF.

    When you import it in this way, you will find WP Custom fields also on the Custom Posts which you have to remove from Screen Options.

    Hope this would be helpful to you or others who are looking to achieve the same 🙂