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  • Hi John and Robert,

    It is definitely possible, and the three of us are definitely not the ones to have tried / done such a thing. I’ve built a custom page builder for Bootstrap 3 for the exact same reasons, and will certainly update for BS4 when it’s out of alpha.

    The challenge I’m currently tackling is how to update fields & layouts in a non-destructive way. One of my requirements for my page builder was that I needed to not only import json data, but to import in such a way that it exposed the fields in ACF (which is not default, I believe, when just importing the json) so that I could add additional layouts on a per-site basis.

    However, adding custom layouts per-site makes it very difficult to update my base set of layouts. I’m working on this currently and have a routine down for detecting the correct layouts, deleting and updating fields. Where I’m stuck is on adding layouts, since they are not fields, but content in the flexible column’s post. Hopefully I’ll get over that hump quickly.

    I’d be happy to compare notes when I’m finished with my current updates!