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  • Hi. We are using ACF 4.4.11 on WP 4.7.3. Now we do also use TinyMCE Advanced as our editor (have been for years), but it’s usually compatible with things.

    In Admin, we add galleries in standard WP fashion, using ‘Add Media’ button and media interface. I can’t see the actual shortcode in the WYSIWYG editor, as there is no ‘Visual/Text’ tab, but when I copy/paste it into the main content area and examine, the shortcode looks perfectly fine.

    As a test, I manually added the desired photo IDs to the ‘do_shortcode’ statement in the template file, and that did cause it to only show those specific photos. But it still didn’t follow the order properly. So there must be something unique in how the WP gallery shortcode is parsed in the standard content field.