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  • OK, thanks. Yeah, we prefer to stick with default WP functionality wherever possible (less dependencies or possible conflicts with updates), so was hoping something this basic would work OK.

    But I’m guessing we’re probably not going about displaying the gallery properly (I’m a def PHP novice). As we obviously can’t specify ID’s to include in the ‘echo do_shortcode’ statement, it’s appearing that it won’t by default respect what is done in the Admin editor (where it IS correct).

    When I add the same gallery code to the default post content field, the gallery DOES display as expected (only showing selected images, and in order specified). We were going to use that for other purposes, but maybe I can just re-arrange how and where things are added. The end-user would then just need to be on-top of the variables (e.g., large images, link to ‘none’, etc.).

    I’m sure there must be a way to get the same functionality from the ACF WYSIWYG field as from the default content field, just not sure how exactly to go about it…