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  • I’m having a similar issue with the acf/load_field hook, though it seems like the data for the select is working properly the select2 script isn’t initializing. I have a Select field within a Flexible Content / Repeater that loads icons from a CSS file:

    add_filter( 'acf/load_field/key=field_58a4b7d2dc743', function( $field ){
      $stargate = file_get_contents( get_template_directory() . '/assets/styles/icons/stargate.css' );
      preg_match_all( '/\.(.*):before/', $stargate, $choices );
      $choices = $choices[1];
      $field['choices'] = array(
        '' => ''
      if( $choices ){
        sort( $choices );
        foreach( $choices as $choice ){
          $field['choices'][$choice] = $choice;
      return $field;
    } );

    which seems to be working, because my select markup contains the correct options:

    <select id="acf-field_57ab771f7670b-6-field_57ae32e9ae604-58e285a16d10a-field_58a4b7d2dc743" class="" name="acf[field_57ab771f7670b][6][field_57ae32e9ae604][58e285a16d10a][field_58a4b7d2dc743]" data-ui="0" data-ajax="0" data-multiple="0" data-placeholder="Select" data-allow_null="0" tabindex="-1" title="Icon" style="display: none;">
      <option value="" selected="selected" data-i="0" class=""></option>
      <option value="zsg-arrow-left-parc">zsg-arrow-left-parc</option>
      <option value="zsg-arrow-right-parc">zsg-arrow-right-parc</option>

    however the select2 container is not enabled and has the .select2-container-disabled class. If I update the post, that select works fine. In fact this whole field was working properly but possibly stopped working with a recent update?