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  • It may not be 100% correct behavior, but given the way conditional logic works and how fields are stored and updated, this is the logical end result. Yes, it probably should be considered a but and should probably be reported to the developer.

    This forum, while there are topics for bug reports and feature requests, these things are really not handled here any more, the developer just does not have the time to keep up with this. I have spent over 30 hours this month replying to questions, that’s nearly a full week of time that would be taken away from Elliot’s work on ACF, and this does not count others doing the same kind of work.

    And I’m just a glorified user really. I’ve work with ACF and I’ve learned a lot, a good portion of it by investigating questions. In cases of bug reports I do my best to check them to see if they really are bugs. It’s good to report them here because other users might be able to give you help is solving them.

    In this case, I would probably say this should be reported to the developer, it is an unintended side effect of the way things work and he may be able to correct it, which is why I pointed you to the ticket system. There are other people there that will also check to see if it can be recreated and if forward the report on to Elliot so that he can take a look at it.

    It’s like a big filter to make sure the E is only spending time on things that really need his attention.