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  • The problem here is that there isn’t anyone that is familiar enough with WC or WC templates. What you need to do is find out from WC or from someone that knows enough about WC to get the taxonomy and term. I personally have not worked with WC so can not really help you much with this.

    You’re using 2 different plugins here and for the most part you’re only going to find help with the ACF part of it here. I’m willing to help you figure out how to show the values of your fields if you do the legwork to figure out how to get the term in the template where you are modifying code, or how to get the term inside of the WC filter that you need to use to add your custom code.

    Please also note that this is only for ACF4 now. ACF5 Pro (5.5.0) has implemented term meta which means that you and use either the "{$taxonomy}_{%term_id}" method or your can now use "term_{$term_id}"

    As far as the odd output of the contents of a field, please see the example code provide in the documentation section of this site. Most field types except the basic field types, need you do to more than echo their values depending on what you have them set to return.