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  • Well, you have to remember that this forum is only really read by other users of ACF. Setting this up to test, will, takes a bit of work.

    Yes, I can confirm what your seeing, and I can tell you why.

    When you add the second field above the existing field, and the text field is hidden by conditional logic, this field is not submitted, and since it is not submitted, it is not updated. This field has the meta_key of repeater_0_test_field_one. The value is the second row used to be associated with this meta key. The value in the second row is now under the meta_key repeater_1_test_field_one and this is updated because it is not hidden. Again, the value in the first row in not updated or deleted, because it is not submitted.

    So, while it seems strange, it is expected behavior with the way conditional logic works.

    The reason that the fields are not submitted is, for example, say that you set that value as required. When ACF is validating a field it does not know that it was hidden by conditional logic and would return an error to the page that the field is required, even though it’s not due to conditional logic.

    Like I said, odd, but expected.

    If you want the developer to look at this you’ll need to submit a support ticket This link is shown at the top of the page when you start a new forum topic.