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  • Hey guys,

    I’m having the same problem as @iamrobertandrews. I have a User register form in which I have some taxonomies, and I use those taxonomy terms checked by user for filtering users in a page.

    I have a ACF User form, and on this form I have these taxonomy related fields. Then, I’m using LH User Taxonomy plugin for having a User Taxonomy UI and also to have this working.

    All things was working fine until 03/03/2017 (user was registering, then taxonomy field terms was populating User Taxonomies correctly, automatically). But, for some reason it stopped to work on 03/03/2017 (date of last user register that recorded taxonomies correctly).

    The weird thing, I did the @iamrobertandrews experiment, which means, getting a registered user that comes with blank taxonomy feilds, then I checked some terms manually on User Edit page, and then saved. For some reason, it worked! Buuuuuut, I need this working from the form, because I can’t know what item the user filled if it comes blank…

    So, I was wondering if you guys have any idea about why it was working and from 03/03 it isn’t anymore? Where should I look for a bug (something that I changed and make it stop to work), or if you have any suggestion for getting it working again.

    Thanks in advance.


    ACF version 5.5.11


    Form WP Page:

    	<!-- #Content -->
    	<div id="Content">
    		<div class="content_wrapper clearfix">
    			<!-- .sections_group -->
    			<div class="sections_group">
                	<div class="container">
                    	<div class="row form-cadastro-especialista">
    				<?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?>
                        <div class="col-xs-12"> 
                                    <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
                                          <form action="<?php echo site_url('wp-login.php?action=register&role=especialista', 'login_post') ?>" method="post">
                                          	<div class="acf-field">
                                                <div class="acf-label">
                                                  <label><span class="numero-questao">1</span>Nome de Usuário (login)</label>
                                                <div class="acf-input">
                                                <div class="acf-input-wrap">
                                                  <input type="text" name="user_login" value="Nome de Usuário" id="user_login" class="input" />
                                                  <p class="description">Seu nome de usuário (login) poderá ser utilizado futuramente para que você utilize outros serviços da Rede IEB.</p>
                                              <div class="acf-field">
                                                <div class="acf-label">
                                                	<label><span class="numero-questao">2</span>Seu E-mail</label>
                                              <div class="acf-input">
                                                <div class="acf-input-wrap">
                                                <input type="text" name="user_email" value="E-Mail" id="user_email" class="input"  />
                                                <p class="description">Você receberá em seu e-mail um link para cadastrar sua senha.</p>
                                              <?php do_action('register_form'); ?>
                                              <input type="submit" value="Cadastrar" id="register" />
                                              <input type="hidden" name="redirect_to" value="/solicitacao-cadastro-pessoa-fisica"/>
                                    <?php endwhile; ?>
                            <?php else : ?>
                                <p><?php _e( 'Desculpe, não há conteúdo disponível para esta página ainda. Volte em breve.', 'cieb' ); ?></p>
                            <?php endif; ?>
    	<?php get_footer();?>