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  • Yes, as a fellow programmer, I want to support Elliot, and would be loathe to suggest anyone considers not doing so. Yes you could get the code from anywhere for free (and distribute it yourself anywhere for free), but if everyone does that, Elliot’s going to have to go get another job and stop working on ACF, so you’re not doing yourself any favours in the long run (much less Elliot!)

    This is the main reason that I don’t include ACF in themes and plugins. Not really because of the statements, but because I don’t want to see ACF go away. If someone is going to buy a theme, another 25 bucks is not going to kill them, seriously, ACF Pro has to be the cheapest deal of any premium plugin lifetime updates for just $25 I dare you to show me another premium plugin with a better deal, or even the same deal.

    That being said, and as stated by @tdmalone, legally, you can if you want ignore Elliot’s guidelines, except that you cannot distribute your developer key.