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  • Thanks for the suggestions. You set me on the right path. I had wp_reset_postdata in there originally but I guess I deleted it when I trimmed down my code.

    I can’t believe that I didn’t notice I was using add_action when I should have been using add_filter. Glad you pointed that out or I would have had even more problems. Turns out though, that isn’t actually what was at the root of my problem either.

    I *think* that I’ve figured this out. I say this a bit hesitantly because I have had no end of problems with this particular item. It would appear that the problem was, having two fields with the same name referencing them. Basically even after I changed it to add_filter I was still having the same problem, but I noticed that I was able to work around the problem by using get_post_meta instead. But the data being returned was wrong.

    Long story short, I opened up the field group, noticed a whole bunch of field groups, and then had the sudden “eureka” moment that two fields being referenced had the same name and might be stepping on each others’ toes. Sure enough when I update the field names so that they are not identical, things start working as they should. Or at least, so it would seem. I guess if you have a filter applied to acf/load_field/name=make then it gets applied to all fields with that name. Which makes total sense.