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  • AWESOME! Thank you John.

    Just to step back a bit and see if I’m understanding what you mean on a concept level…is the main gist of what your getting at: store multiple options as an array in a singular field as opposed to multiple calls for each individual one?

    I will work on what you outlined, but just have a few questions:

        RE: Points 1-3) Would these be exclusive of each other or in conjunction? How would this be implemented for the options page, via hook?
        RE: 1 – ACF Page > Autoload values) Could you clarify what you mean here? Where would I load vales from/to? Is there are documentation page for this?
        RE: 3 – Admin/Front-end Build / Array) So, basically, using acf/save_post, I just dump all of the options into one option_field?
        RE: 4 – Much better, thanks! 🙂

    Thanks! I massively appreciate the insights, they are superb!