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  • No luck with that either?

    I’m using;

    <?php $pets = get_field_object('hh_facilities');
    if( isset($pets['pet']) ): ?><i title="Pet Friendly" class="fa fa-paw" aria-hidden="true">Pet</i><?php endif; ?> 

    I’ve done a var_dump and get (array of selected options):

        array(2) {
          string(3) "pet"
          string(12) "Pet Friendly"

    and a second array (which looks to be every available option):

        string(12) "Pet Friendly"

    I’ve been through all the Pet Friendly properties and re-checked the Pet Friendly box as they were unchecked after changing to pet : Pet Friendly (was previously just Pet Friendly) in Choices.

    If i use !isset, then the paw shows up on all of them.
    So according to this – they are not set as having ‘pet’ checked?

    Thoroughly confused…