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  • I made something similar here:

    The map render markers that are in fact the results on the right. The api has also a clustered extencion to group markers if are closer and zoom makes them to be visible overlaped (many listings sites uses this technique)
    I see on your design that you need something related to how “close” will be the location, the 0km – 500km selector. That´s something you can´t do only on php and js on the theme, this needs to be filtered once the map is rendered since will be a second search right on the map api.

    The rest, the first filter, input and location, that is something you can do using a custom query with multimple meta post. That´s is those custom fields with City, State, zip/post code and the map coordinates (acf fields yes)

    Your request is too particular, i don´t know (and have no time), how to explain this in more detail. Will be too long also, we are talking about all sides, php, js, ajax, custom query results, google api… Everything is documented, in fact i learned how to do that looking for on many resources and then mixing the things.