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  • Yes, rows in bootstrap definitely mean something completely different than rows in ACF. I’ve actually never thought about this, I guess it’s just thinking about it in a different context. In ACF, when outputting data in the template, it resembles a database row and the “Table” layout actually shows rows as rows. I suppose that the choice of “Row” as a field display option may not be the best choice as “Row” and “Block” are basically different forms of blocks of fields, but if the table layout was called rows that would make it even more confusing. I don’t know what else Elliot would call these admin layout options.

    But you are right, in most cases, people will want a limited number of options. The thing I’m working on makes an unlimited number of options available. The more options you have the more chances there are for clients to screw something up and giving them unlimited options give them them unlimited options for doing it.