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  • I think the required switch shouldn’t be overridden by anything.
    I mean that’s the whole point 1 switch to decide if the field is required or not.

    The way you have it now it’s a worthless, I can’t choose to have a gallery as “not required” and a minimum of pictures for those who decide to use it.

    i have to set it as “Not required” and also set the minimum to 0. Else it will not validate. See the issue? I just lost control of the minimum images number.

    And useful button should behave like this:

    -> Is the field required?
    -NO: Validate.
    -YES: Are images in min-max range? (+other checks)
    -YES: Validate.
    -No: Don’t validate.

    That overriding is wrong. If you want to make it required, flip the switch to ON. Don’t deny control to the rest of the users.