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  • Thanks @hube2 that makes sense. But can you clarify a couple things for me?

    When you say “different versions are included” do you mean when I include v5 built into my theme, but then the customer decides to install v4 from the plugin repository? That’s the scenario I’m worried about.

    So with that in mind, it’s not very safe for me to build a theme or a plugin that has ACF built in (included). I can’t account for every customer scenario and hope they don’t install another version of ACF.

    What would be great is if ACF had a way to auto detect when there is a conflicting version of ACF installed in addition to itself. Then display a dashboard warning telling the user they have a plugin that could possibly conflict with theme (or plugin) that I made. This way the user is aware of what’s going on. Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to build that detection functionality myself, but it might be a good solution to this conflict problem.