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  • Thanks John for answer I also tried Acf 5 html code, but it’s not wroking too;

    <div class="acf-input">
    		<div class="acf-image-uploader acf-cf" data-preview_size="thumbnail" data-library="all" data-mime_types="" data-uploader="wp">
    	<input name="featured_image" value="" type="hidden">	<div class="view show-if-value acf-soh" style="max-width: 150px">
    		<img data-name="image" src="" alt="">
    		<ul class="acf-hl acf-soh-target">
    							<li><a class="acf-icon -pencil dark" data-name="edit" href="#" title="Edit"></a></li>
    						<li><a class="acf-icon -cancel dark" data-name="remove" href="#" title="Remove"></a></li>
    	<div class="view hide-if-value">
    			<p style="margin:0;">No image selected <a data-name="add" class="acf-button button" href="#">Add Image</a></p>

    can not open the image upload popup , I see this error ;

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'query' of undefined