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  • I’m not sure if I understand what are you trying to do. It seems that you want to:

    1. Create an URL field
    2. Download an image from a remote host and push it to the WP media library
    3. Set this image as a post featured image.

    It is possible, but it’s not really an ACF-related issue.

    You have to
    1. use ACF hooks (or even a native WordPress save_post hook)
    2. When a post gets saved you have to get remote image url (get_field('your_image_field', $postId))
    3. Download the file from a remote server (for example with file_get_contents()), save it in a temporary location
    4. Use wp_insert_attachment() in order to push it into the media library. There’s a code sample in the Codex:

    Yes, I know it’s overcomplicated. But this is the only solution. WordPress images handling sucks so much…