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  • Hi @dunkel My workaround is this:

    In the Field Group I’m using I NOW have the “Minimum Rows” set to zero, so that NO rows are created by default…..when I’m creating a post and I want to ADD rows, then I use the Add Row Button. Often times I don’t.

    If you leave the “Minimum Rows” setting to it’s default (which I think, at least in my version, is 1) then a single row is created for every Post to which the Field Group is applied – this single empty row is what creates the problem and setting the Minimum Rows to 0 fixes that – no row is created hence there is not a ‘1’ applied to the Post in the database (if you have a single row created by a 1 in the field group’s minimum rows setting, even if it’s empty, it appears in the database and if(have_rows) sees it and counts it).

    By changing that to zero, if you’re using the if(have_rows) you will truly have no rows and the code works… only finds rows that you manually added.

    I hope this makes sense!