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  • Hi John,

    I got that feature, but it won’t help me, because from time to time there will be some new records to be added … so the manual filtering will nonetheless be required in these cases and as we all know our kings, the customers, well enough, that we can be sure that in one of three or four times the need for manual filtering will be slipped the customer’s mind.

    As an update:

    Smackcoders’ WP Ultimate CSV Importer doesn’t have any filters … they suggest to “kindly provide with a CSV with the requires number of records” … I love these kind of answers …

    Chris Richardson from TurboCSV is sorry and tells me, that it seems like it’d be useful, so he’ll look into it.

    I think I’ll have to code something to do the filtering and producing an decent file with an unique name, which will be imported.