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  • Yes, i put in theme file – under this line:

    <?php the_title( ‘<h1 class=”entry-title” ‘ . hybrid_get_attr( ‘entry-title’ ) . ‘>’, ‘</h1>’ ); ?>

    ….. put your code here….

    now for your below comment:

    “From what it looks like you put the code into the “Content” WYSIWYG editor for the page. PHP code cannot be edited there. This is why I gave you the link to the shortcode documentation for ACF.”

    Your understanding is wrong.

    now let me tell you what i did.


    1. Install ACF
    2. Create Group – check screenshot.
    3. Put your code in single-content.php under the same line that you are talking.
    4. Create new post – new post has option to put the value for subtitle.
    5. I put “This is testing subtitle”
    6. Published the post.

    Now, post has the code as subtitle instead of what i put in subtitle field.

    Please give me correct code, so that i have put on subtitle field that value in the post.