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  • There are 2 ways to do this, and I don’t have all the details on doing either.

    The first would require the page to be saved after entering the repeater values. You could then use an acf/load_field filter to load the values of the checkbox field, although I’m not sure how you’d make sure you were getting the values from the same layout, or even if this is possible since each layout would have it’s own set of choices and I think that this will make all the choices the same for all layouts.

    The second would be by adding custom JavaScript that would read the values and update the checkbox field. This is more likely to work, but ultimately a lot more difficult and you’ll find a lot less information on getting it done. I do have some examples of custom JS that updates fields based on other fields, but nothing that comes anywhere close to the solution your looking for, but it would be a starting place if you want to try it.