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  • Hi there. I managed to write som code that did the job.

    In my functions.php:

    // Get custom fields from main blog
    if ( function_exists( 'get_sites' ) && class_exists( 'WP_Site_Query' ) ) {
    	$custom_fields = '';
    	$main_blog = 1;
    		switch_to_blog( $main_blog );
    		$custom_fields = array(
    			'head' 		=> get_field('tracking_head', 'options'),
    			'body' 		=> get_field('tracking_body', 'options'),
    			'footer' 	=> get_field('tracking_footer', 'options'),
    			'menu_html' => get_field('menu_html', 'options')
    	return $custom_fields;

    And in my template file, I could retrieve the contents of the fields by writing for example:

    <?php echo $custom_fields['body']; ?>

    Only thing that wonders me now is that I can’t use the echo command when I put it inside an include file, ie:

    <php get_template_part('templatename_with_echo_customfields'); ?>