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  • No.
    You cannot make permalinks like this and mix “/“, “” without heavy PHP magic.

    /grade-11/english to /grade-11/english-eng3u. Your field value (all of them) would need to have this sign “-“.

    You dont have so many language courses ? Even theoretically it they are in hundreds WordPress now manages Terms well. As long you dont use to many Select (dropdown) options Terms on shared hosting.

    Do it like this:

    – “grade 11” = (you use WooCommerce) Products main Category/Taxonomy/Term.
    – “english” = subcategory/Term of “grade11” main category.
    – “eng3u” = sub category/Term of “english” subcategory.

    Just simple nested categories and Terms. This is very reusable everywhere in WordPress for future website building, not like using fields. And Permalinks are generated naturally, no tweaks needed.