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  • I’m going to try to help you by explaining what the problem with your code is. This comes up often because most people don’t understand how wp_reset_post_data() really works.

      // this is inside the main WP query loop or "The Loop"
      // some time later
                  $post_object = get_sub_field('pick_the_dates');
                    if( $post_object ):
                      $post = $post_object; setup_postdata( $post );
      // some time later
                    if( $venue_object ):
                      $venue = $venue_object;
                      setup_postdata( $venue );
      // some time later, 
      // this is the problem.
      // wp_reset_post_data does not take any arguments
      // this function, no matter how you call it will always
      // reset post data to "The Main Query"
      // once you do this, any reference to the post 
      // object returned by get_sub_field('pick_the_dates') 
      // will be looking at the post of the main query instead
      // of what you think you are looking at
      // in order to have multiple nestings you must use 
      // alternate means of getting values
      // other than using setup_postdata and wp_reset_postdata
                      wp_reset_postdata( $venue );
      // some time later
      // this next line actually does nothing 
      // because it was already done above