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  • Sh*t that is quite long. Longest loads I’m getting is about 15-25s on page with 10-15 flexible content rows each with a WYSIWYG, Image, Link, Repeaters etc – which shows I am impatient more than anything!

    Most of the time savings I was able to achieve by posting the field group changes via AJAX instead of refreshing the whole page (and having to wait for the field groups and other DOM elements to be redrawn every time). Saving request take about 5-10s on average, so after loading the page for the first time, it’s a no-brainer.

    I do agree with you though, you can’t be all things to all clients. If they want the flexibility of creating custom layouts and rows with lots of complex conditional logic happening, then the wait for a minute is more than a reasonable cross to bear for a fool-proof, fully formatted page on the front end.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, it is always helpful to be able to benchmark along the way.