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  • I’m not on the fastest internet connection here, currently. My upload speeds suck, so it will effect page load times.

    When I click update, with 100 wysiwyg fields all containing 5 paragraphs from

    First there is the “validation request” (spinning icon next to update). This takes about 15 seconds

    Then there is the actual submission (I can tell when the page is done submitting in firefox and the browser starts to get data back because in the browser tab changes direction and changes color) This takes about another 15 seconds.

    After the page starts loading it is done working after another 10 seconds.

    so the total page load time is about 40 seconds.

    Adding conditional logic on top of this will add additional time, especially if you have a lot of it. Repeaters and flex fields add their own overhead to page’s rendering time. This time may also be effected by the speed of the computer you’re using and how much memory you have available. Where I have a problem with my current internet connection, my computer can make up for it because it brand new and is exceptionally fast and I’ve got RAM to burn.

    Overall, I personally would not consider a 1 minute load time on a page with 100 wysiwyg editors to be slow. It’s not blazing fast, but if someone’s going to add that much information then they should expect it to be a bit slow.